Commercial Management

Exceptional Commercial Management is fundamental to deliver projects and services to ensure its success. Knowing how to create a commercial culture and function will give you greater confidence in meeting your business objectives.

Our commercial management service begins with development of the right commercial strategy to achieve your objectives.

Investing in RedRay’s independent commercial evaluation of your project or programme will deliver benefits and savings that would otherwise be wasted.

RedRay’s unique approach to commercial management ensures that your projects and services are running to time and within cost constraints while maximising efficiency.

RedRay’s commercial management services include:

  • Commercial management
  • Cost & value
  • Governance
  • Claims management
  • Forms of contract
  • Reporting tool-kits
  • Contract training

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The Role of a Commercial Manager

In any industry, the role of a commercial manager is to maximise the potential of a business in terms of profitability. The commercial manager monitors, or controls, internal processes such as production, and manages external relationships with customers, clients and trading partners.

At the same time, the commercial manager monitors financial performance (both forecast and achieved) and manages any risks there may be to achieving forecasts, whether these are known from the outset or introduced through changing circumstances.