Cambridge North Station

Network Rail

About this Project

Cambridge North Station is located in the Cambridge suburb of Chesterton, close to Cambridge Science Park. The station is on the Fen Line, which runs from Cambridge to King’s Lynn. It connects to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, and provides an interchange with Park & Ride and local bus services. Cambridge North has a 450 sq m (4,843 sq ft) building, three platforms and parking for 1,000 bikes and 450 cars. The project was completed in May 2017 for a total cost of £50m.

Our Services

Commercial Management of the project throughout the development and delivery  phases of the project on behalf of Network Rail, including
   • Procurement of the main contract.
   • Provision of strategic advice to Project sponsors
   • Agreement of Final Account with contractor.

The station has been built with a Cambridge influence. The aluminium cladding of the building has been perforated into a pattern derived from John Horton Conway’s ‘Game of Life’, a cellular automaton he devised while a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

A bridge links the station building with the two 254m (833ft) platforms, each capable of accommodating 12-car trains.