Risk Management

RedRay practice proactive risk management, a process which allows individual risk events and overall risk to be understood and managed proactively, optimising success for our clients by minimising their threats and maximising opportunities.

All projects and programmes are inherently risky because they are unique, constrained and based on assumptions, performed by people and which are all subject to external influences. Risks can affect the achievement of objectives either positively or negatively. Risk includes both opportunities and threats, and at RedRay we are able to manage them through our risk management process.

To achieve optimal results from RedRay, risk management will be most effective with a strong commitment from our clients to drive a culture where the risks, opportunities and threats are managed proactively.

RedRay’s risk management services include:

  • Audits
  • Risk workshops
  • Registers
  • Analysis
  • Pricing & Profiling
  • Mitigation
  • Reporting